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Scan2Notify is the perfect solution to a common complaint from homeowners who are selling their home. "When can I return home, is my showing over?" Scan2Notify provides instant notification when your scheduled showing is complete. No more circling the block, walking the dog, or wondering when you can come back home!

Simply print the custom generated QR code with instructions and place on or near the front door for the realtor to scan upon leaving. You'll be notified via your choice of text, email or phone call when your showing is complete.

Scan2Notify can be downloaded for free from iTunes, and for $1.99 you can generate up to 5 unique Scan2Notify notification printouts. Scan2Notify can also function as a generic QR Code scanner.

Realtors, you can have unlimited free use of Scan2Notify's notification capabilities, and for as little as 40 cents per listing provide an invaluable service to your customers. A custom logo and message can be added.

Scan2Notify was developed by a Realtor for the Real Estate Industry.

Become part of the Notification Generation, The New Standard.

Sample Seller Notification Page

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